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About Us

We at bitleeds.com majorly focus on trading Bitcoin day in day out and make substantial profit.

Before trading in bitcoins, we were involved in Forex and Derivatives. But Bitcoin grabbed attention of all most all traders because of it's uniqueness and decentralisation. Thus we could not stop ourselves as well and started using our forex trading experience for this Crypto Currency. Initially we were making very small profit but after building strategies, the profit ratio started climbing up for us.

A lot of people found it difficult to trade Bitcoin due to it's price volatility but for us "Volatility Is Our Opportunity" and we started putting profits back in to trading to gain more return. Money makes more money with perfect strategy.

After years of combined experience we can offer steady profit to our investors and that's how bitleeds.com was formed. We are confident because we share the risk as someone said "Never put all your eggs in one basket". Therefore our team trade in Forex and Derivatives as well.

We welcome all to gain steady profit by being part of bitleeds.com.

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